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Welcome to the home of the Crimson Guard!
The Crimson Guard is moving to a new Home.

Alliance News

The Crimson Family Grows

Dahnnauven, Apr 23, 11 11:34 PM.
On Thursday, April 21st, the alliance DovahkiinOfSkyrim officially swore an oath of fealty to the Guard, thus joining the Crimson Federation. Skyrim's noble leader, DrWillz, shall retain leadership and all rights of autonomy shall be honored. All members of the Guard are hereby asked to treat members of DOS as equals and as brothers, as you would treat any member of TCG's growing family. Long Live Skyrim, and Long Live the Crimson Guard!

The Newest Addition to the Crimson Federation

Introducing Raven's Lottery!

Dahnnauven, Apr 10, 11 6:31 PM.
Today marks the official launch of Raven's Lottery, a service only for members of the Guard. To enter the lottery, send at least 3K of the daily resource (to be specified on the lottery forum) to Ravencraft, the lottery's administrator. His city is located at coordinates 249:156 and upon receiving your entry Ravencraft will draw the winner from a hat. Drawings take place everyday at 5:00pm PST. Prizes and winners are announced on the Lottery forum, located within the Bazaar.

The lottery's first official winner was Jaxxxn, who won 50K wood! The second winner was Davicus, who received a shipment of 40K stone! Congratulations to these 2 Guardsmen, and with official sponsorship we hope to have even bigger prizes than before! Our thanks to Ravencraft for the concept and execution of this lottery.

Formal Alliance with DBSV

Dahnnauven, Apr 8, 11 5:53 AM.
Last night, our glorious leader Kane announced the signing of a formal alliance with #2 ranked Death_By Savage. Coupled by an already existing alliance with DBSV's affiliate, _Beast_, this new coalition presents a powerful deterrent to any foolish enough to wage war against us. Our hats go off to Kane, for his great diplomatic victory on our behalf!
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